• my feelings are mixed as well.

      Although not apples to apples, I am reminded of a friend of mine who back in the college days decided to cut off all of his hair one night. He was one of those who could grow his hair down to the middle of his back and have it look great. When he showed up the next day on campus, everyone was upset, “what have you done?”

      He answered the question as to why by saying he was thinking about his hair the previous night and felt worry about what would happen if he lost his hair. Then the insight came to him: he had become not only emotionally attached to his hair, it had become part of his identity. But it was, after all, just hair. So he cut it off as way to prove to himself he wasn’t going to be in thrall to something like hair.

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      • That’s a very Buddhist approach. Of course my hair started thinning in high school, so I didn’t have a lot of time to be attached.

        Attachment is tough, especially when it’s all tied up with identity.

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