Straight as an Arrow

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My Flash Fiction / My Photography



It’s not far going from here to there as the crow flies. 

He moved a fingertip from one spot to another on a map seemingly hung on the wall behind the cash register a few decades ago with mismatched thumbtacks. Portions along the creases had begun to fray apart.

Of course since you’re on foot that wouldn’t be the case.

I envied the crow. Then I resented it, the black-feathered wings turning the world into a lush and extravagant map.




  1. Yep, I could see that fragment as it happened. Probably because it’s exactly the kind of conversation my dad would have had with the guy in the gas station while we were on vacation! 😀

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    • thanks. i am reminded of Dan Rather who, after taking over for Walter Cronkite, adopted as his own catchphrase to end shows “where you are, be there.” 😉


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