A Dispatch from the Trenches

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For over a month now I have been in a nomadic, if not turbulent, state of being (and becoming). I have landed in what it appears to be a more settled space and so now I can return my attention back to my writings and photography along with catching up on everybody else’s blogs. At the same time I am dealing with the tasks associated with shifting my online presence. I hope to be back fully in the flow in the next week (and this would include the magnetic poetry challenge).

With that said, I thought I might offer for pondering a passage by Margo Jefferson from the beginning of her NY Times theatrical review of Brian Friel’s Ode to Molly with the side note that the reply of the playgoer is the basic reply of all those engaging art in all of its varied manifestations.

Sit Down, LOOK AND LISTEN, says the playwright, to which the playgoer replies: Make it worth my while. Reconfigure my sense of time and place. Show me something I think I already know, then make the scales fall from my eyes. Change the proportions and texture of experience. Vary the landscape, or give me a new place to view it from. Make me fit my rhythms (my attention span, the speed and nature of my responses) to yours, or let me play them against yours. You have language, movement, sound and sight — a complete vocabulary of visual design — to work with.


  1. That’s a tall order. Definitely something to strive toward, for a playwright or anyone else, and a great quote.
    (So what if Friel is becoming more of a novelist than a playwright? Still Friel. 🙂 )

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