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My Flash Fiction / My Photography


I don’t know if we should be seen together…you know, talking like this.

But here we are.

So, what? Done is done?

Something like that.

Maybe we’ve just slipped out of their collective awareness.

Some files within arms reach, then…buried under new information, regulated to the bottom of the stack.

One can hope.

One should hope that it wouldn’t take this long to order coffee.




  1. Revolution is one of my favourite haunts. Even when it’s completely deserted, I just walk right in. My friends always show up, sooner or later.

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  2. Coffee is definitely important.
    Perhaps there was a wait while the beans were picked–and then roasted. πŸ™‚

    I laughed because we just finished watching an episode of Mr. Robot, and the first part sounded like something Eliot would say.

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