Return of the Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge

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Magnetic Poetry / Video


This post is a continuation of of the Magnetic Poetry Challenge (MPSC), which I began on my previous blog site. If you wish to participate, please read the guidelines on the MPSC page located at the top of this site.

Below are some magnetic poetry from others that either missed before or were created after I temporarily put MPSC on the back burner.

Kat, untitled


tnkerr, untitled


Jane Dougherty. “I Recall


Crow, “invovation


Kat, “Ghosts


Jane Dougherty, “Raining Suns” and “Petals Blue and Red”




    • “The Handsome Family is an alternative country and Americana duo consisting of husband and wife Brett and Rennie Sparks formed in Chicago, Illinois, and currently based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.” Rennie writes most of the songs, including this one.

      The magnetic poetry website will throw a random group of words, although they tend to through some similar words into each person’s mix on a given couple of days. Also, you can request more words than the original batch of 45 or so. (You can also request a new batch as long as you want, and this can lead to having no similar words.

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      • Albuquerque… There’s a monastery near there my bff and I have been wanting to do a retreat at. It’s Monastery of Christ in the Desert. She’s been there before. Says it’s gorgeous. It’s also a silent retreat so I don’t know if she and I could shut up long enough to last a weekend… o_O

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        • I’ll confess (isn’t that one did way back when in monasteries) that i am hoping in the next year to take a formal writing retreat. Having practiced the Zen silent sitting (zazen), I don’t know if I am really at a point I could do that. Maybe in three or four years if everything goes right. πŸ˜‰

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  11. I thought it was going to be same old same old country and kept hovering over the close window icon but then he’d sing something weird and I’d listen some more. He has a weird almost this train is gonna crash quality to his singing (ala Velvet Underground, this song gonna fall apart.) and yet the center held for an odd little ditty. Interesting.

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    • like the way you describe his vocals…i first heard them when someone played their song “Drunk by Noon” for me, an even more odd, little ditty than this one. The husband’s off-kilter voice seems perfectly aligned for the the wife’s poetic and off-kilter lyrics.


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