Magnetic Cafe Musings

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Magnetic Poetry

In one of those lazy web-browsing afternoons, I stumbled onto Fast Company’s site with the post “Stream These Coffee Shop Sounds to Boost Your Creativity,” which opens with:

Thereโ€™s a reason that so many telecommuters choose to work in coffee shops instead of their living rooms: working in moderately loud environments where noise levels reach approximately 70 decibels (like coffee shops) breeds creativity, according to research that we first wrote about last year. A new website called Coffitivity reproduces those ambient sounds for all the office and home workers who canโ€™t make it to a real coffee shop.

So now you are able to read this week’s delightful array of offerings of magnetic poetry with the backdrop of the sounds of a cafe. Enjoy.

hbhatnager, untitled


Jane, “If God Should Die


Sue, “Seasonal


Kat, “No Peace


Crow, “repulsive madness


rivrvlogr, “powerless


Deb, “Longing for Summer


Merril, “Earth at Peace


Leara, “When Blood Ceases to Flow



  1. Fantastic poems from some seriously talented people! Love the idea of coffeeshop background sounds to fuel creativity. Thanks again for this vehicle to share our magnetic poem creations.

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  2. Thanks for the links. About once a month I meet with a fellow writer to write in a coffee shop. We write for a few minutes then refill our cups, then we’ll read what we have written and do it all over again for a couple of hours. It is a very inspirational setting.

    I was unaware of your magnetic poetry challenge. These are great. I will definitely have to look into participating. I’m excited! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Look forward to seeing your magnetic offerings. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Going to high school in espresso-crazed Seattle at the turn of the 80’s, I quickly found my creative space in cafes. In college, it was about the only place I could effectively study (i found the silence of libraries oppressive, although today i am more comfortable in a quiet space when writing). There is definitely something about the collective gathering of people who are in their own little spheres of working or conversing with others.

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    • i hear ya (ba-dum ching).

      i think for myself, the dull roar of a cafe helps overde the tinnitus, whilethe upside to my ear drum issue is that it makes all the talking sound like it is coming in through water, no i don’t distracted by the actual content of their conversation.

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