1. anglogermantranslations says

    Which reminds me of the lone lighthouse keeper aka Moominpappa – but it was only “a phase he went through”:


    • I use the web photo editor PicMonkey. Usually i try to avoid using to much special editing, but for this one i used one of the programmed special effects (can’t remember which one actually because i was bouncing through a number of them, seeing which one worked best).

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  2. I grew up in Nebraska and it was nothing like this! 🙂 You set this up perfectly and the title and photo mesh smoothly. It wouldn’t have the same effect if you’d gone in closer.


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  3. Love this!! At first glance I thought it was a lighthouse in the middle of the sea. Then my eyes focused enough to see the mysterious doorway in the middle of a dreamscape, a possible way out (as per the title). But the building simply refuses to imprint on my conscious mind, so it isn’t even there for me…

    Absolutely awesome shot! 🙂

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    • pleased to hear that the building refusing to imprint on you mind…that is in one sense i had hoped with the desaturation of the photo…the building was there, but wasn’t there….a barrier, but undefinable, and as such an opposing force to the seemingly insignificant door. [i try to avoid using special effect editing on my photos unless there is a very specific reason why, so it is nice to hear that what was going on in my head translated to the photo]

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