No Victory No Defeat

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we are committed to the duel

addicted to our tournament
of thorny roses
as we are to each other

we joust into the night
except there is no one there
to cheer us on

to watch us
always playing to a draw



  1. sueashby7 says

    Once again you have created a tight masterpiece with so few well chosen words. This feels a lot like the painful side of relationships. “Thorny roses” and “jousting into the night” are excellent choices. Your poetry plays my emotions well. Thank you so much for another fabulous read.

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  2. Your few words conjure up the entire scene. Nicely done. The analogy of jousting fits perfectly.

    I don’t think I ever saw the Michael Douglas “War of the Roses,” although I know of it. All I know of the historical event is the basic stuff, Lancaster and York, the battle of Bosworth Field, and then the Tudors.

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    • I wouldn’t go out of my way to see the movie….Hollywood attempting to grab what it could from Romancing the Stone.

      The details of the historical event have faded for me…just the typical royal shenanigans

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