• yeah, its an awning, the thing that originally caught my eye…hopefully someone will restore it. if i was independently wealthy (which i never will be), i would have tried to snatch the place myself and restore it.

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  1. Love the colors and textures of the building. The wood tone of the plywood creates a beautiful photograph but I’m sure a glass window would be preferred by the occupants. What’s the story behind the picture?

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    • I was travelling from the east coast to the west coast by train and decided to stop in Grand Junction, Colorado. The next day I had time to kill while waiting for my train, so I just wandered about the immediate area and saw this place on the other side of the street (the blue canopy was the first thing to catch my eye). In the uncropped photo, you can see the building’s lot is surrounded by chain link fencing, but no “for sale” or “for lease” signs, so who knows if someone is planning to restore it.

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