Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge (10.08.16)

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Magnetic Poetry

Long before I became ‘rich and famous’
I just sat round drinking wine and staring at the walls.

Charles Bukowski

Drunk Poets


Remember the only official prompt for the Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge is to have fun. You can be sober or you can turn to Bacchus as your muse. Everyone is welcomed. To learn how to participate clink on the Guidelines link.


    • Bukowski became sort of a spokesperson for the disenchanted and disgruntled…he unabashedly pulls back the curtain on those who would like to present the world as all gumdrops and rainbows. I don’t know, however, if one could say a steady diet of Bukowski is a healthy choice.

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        • one of the biographical factoids of Bukowski is that as a teenager he had about as severe attack of acne that one can have, leaving his face permanently scarred…his sentiments about his fellow humans is in some good part fueled by experiencing their less than empathetic nature when it came to issues of beauty and ugliness.

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          • anglogermantranslations says

            I have a great respect for language, in particularly for poetry. I just don’t approve of abusive usage, e. g. the f-word etc. Acne in one’s youth is no excuse, ur, excuth. Foul is foul and fair is fair. Other alcoholics were great writers – even without cussing.

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            • foul is foul, but for many that describes much of the reality that surrounds them, and so i think at the very least he resonates with many because his work reflects their experiences back to them, giving it more a “sense” of authenticity, as in one’s sensibility, meaning there is no right answer, just personal resonance or lack thereof.

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  4. I only discovered Bukowski as more than a name and a black and white photo this year. I read him in bursts but I love his stuff. May have to do a little channeling, bust out the Ouija board or sumpin’.

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    • in actuality “did shots of shadow and mist was the first phrase i put together and said to myself, “that stays” and the rest of it came from ensuring that the original phrase somehow worked with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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