Quicker than the Eye

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My Poetry

impressions of you
like scattering ariels
through the parched grasslands


A partial backstory on this poem: while recently writing a comment, i wanted to say aerial, but instead i wrote ariel. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember how aerial was spelled. Long story short, i discovered that ariel is “a gazelle found in the Middle East and North Africa.”


  1. Ariel is also an Arch Angel. Lion of God.


    “Archangel Ariel is known as the angel of nature. She oversees the protection and healing of animals and plants on Earth, and also supervises the care of natural elements such as water and wind. Ariel inspires human beings to take good care of planet Earth. Beyond her role overseeing nature, Ariel also encourages people to live up to God’s full potential for them by discovering and fulfilling God’s purposes for their lives. Is Ariel trying to communicate with you?”


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    • in the back of the mind i thought there was an angel by that name…and they, too, are quicker than our mortal vision…in the interest of transparency, I have to say i don’t know what to believe…currently binging on marathon of the TV series “Supernatural”…combined with Milton’s “Paradise Lost”…what exactly angles are is not as straightforward question as it would appear at first glance. If Ariel is communicating with me, I’m not sure how much of it I can trust…a presence moving just on the edge of sight.

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        • allusion to a mermaid…there’s always a subtext…part of collective patriarchal (dysfunctional) sub-conscious….or maybe i’m just reading to much into it all. 😉

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        • saw (and blown away by) the Seattle Intiman production of AiA in the mid 90’s…yes, a very similar sensibility right on through the ghost of Ethel Rosenberg visiting Roy.

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            • i was pleasantly surprised how well they adapted the play into a movie, my only real beef was that they cut out a long monologue by Louis in a late scene with Belize…in it, Louis talks about how tolerance (towards gays, etc) is worthless, because when the shit hits the fan that tolerance goes out the window and what is underneath the begrudgingly given is hatred, and that is when the persecution begins…watching the crowds of the Trump rally, what had been tapped into, only shows how Louis was spot on….this is part of America. Trump didn’t create any thing, he just revealed and benefited from it.

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              • Oh, I wasn’t aware of what cuts they made. There were years between seeing the movie and the play.
                We just saw the movie, “Denial” today. There are lots of parallels to Trump and things going on today.

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              • Oh this is great, thanks! I was talking to a friend today who is a dietician. We were talking about all the misinformation out there (paleo and such) and the denial of actual science. I told her about Denial and said it was all part of the same thing.

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              • yes, and i think these days it has to in some small part with the increase in complexity of science and technology…we find comfort in simplicity and somehow convince ourselves that if we can’t grasp it easily, it probably isn’t true or sometimes more so, it does have any relevancy in our day to day lives (even as we talk about something like vaccines for kids)

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  2. Ha, ha…wonderfull stuff..I know these senior moments very well!! , although you are too young to have them frequently…Love the poem that you finally created and the background info.

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    • that would make for quite a different poem…although after quickly brushing up on my Tempest Ariel (thanks wiki), the quest for freedom from bonds Ariel represented, along with accepting Shakespeare was alluding to angel Ariel, i.e. “Lion of God” could make for interesting translation.

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