• thanks…just wandering around the waterfront of Port Townsend, WA…the building was clam cannery in the past (if one looks closely just above the “I885” atop the door, “clam cannery” is etched into the metal).


  1. Awesome! You must live in an amazing place, as you find the most fascinating doors to photograph…

    Of course, you do have a gift of “seeing” the beauty and presenting it as such, since many of your subjects would likely not have jarred my curiousity without you framing it for me. (Just giving credit where credit is due… 😉 )

    This one, though, is simply delightful on its own… Well done, sir! 🙂

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    • yeah this door needed no help from me…fabulous doors seem to be everywhere, but they are sometimes hiding; i don’t have a car, so i do spend a lot of time walking and so i eventually stumble on one…and thanks for the kind words. i suppose i would consider myself more of a framer of photographic images than as a photographer. I really have no clue how to manage all the controls on my camera…i just point, shoot, and see if I can frame (along with some slight digital editing adjustments) a few of them into something. 🙂

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  2. I have to laugh because as I clicked on your link, I thought “I wonder what beautifully beaten up door he’ll have to share this week.” Then I thought, as I was being taken here, “What if he crosses us up and has an elegant door one of these days?” And then there was this. 🙂


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