Out on the Point

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Flash Fiction


Three Lines Tale Challenge #38‘s photo prompt by William Bout

on occasion, having sparked up the lamp, he would scurry up the stone path to the hillside to get a view of the lighthouse as part of the horizon.

to see how others saw his world.

for a moment to not have to see as a mouse does day in and day out, every detail of the construction revealing in some manner the crux of the matter.


  1. “On occasion”… we all wonder at lights in the distance. Some of us, sometimes, invent stories for those who live under those lights. Seldom do we try to imagine how others imagine us…thank you for this wonderful story.

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  2. You sum up his life in this short story. He seems so lonely to me. I especially like your opening.
    But I also now imagine the mouse viewing his world. 🙂

    The photo is beautiful. I can see it leading to many different stories.

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