The Wednesday Magnetic Poetry Chorus

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Magnetic Poetry
I think we’re absolutely remaining the essence of a chorus, yet we have, yet we are totally totally individual people and think individually. But a chorus doesn’t have to be necessarily a body that thinks together, they’re just a body that speaks together, you know usually, so I think we are still remaining absolutely in a traditional chorus, yet we don’t think at the same time or the same things.
Michael Grady-Hall, National Theater’s ‘Antigone’: The Ancient Greek Chorus


The Magnetic Poetry Chorus speaks
not as one
but as a collection of individual

Jane, “Music of the moon


Crow, “candy and concrete


Deb, “Garden


Writing Writing Words Words Words, “Storm Drunk


Lola, “Angels and Poetry


Pat, “Murmur


Pat, “Devotion


Merril, “Penelope Waits


Sue, “Bright


Janice, “Fluff


Ken, “always thriving



  1. from the quote to ‘antigone’ & each individual piece of written art, i am inspired, amazed & you have knocked me on my ass. my breath escaped in a thrilling release of rising adjectives. learning from a genius is always an honor. i bow to your sheer brilliance. serendipity led me here. health has kept me away. i am gradually feeling more grounded, energy increasing, not so much. i missed your words, your work, & your bliss free contact with always a touch of questioning inquisitions of symbols. you are with my in my mind whenever i write & i write as often as i take a breath. the muse is back & in top form she in encouraging me to write it down. everything. hold back on nothing with truth inside it. happy, i am. i will return to read & reread this post & explore others as i am able. 🎈j.k.

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    • thank you much for the quite nice words…i glad to hear you feeling more grounded (first things first, the energy will return in time)…just commenting to someone today about how my life has been in a state uprooted-ness for the past three and a half months and now seems to be finally becoming settled (grounded), so i haven’t been able to engage as many others’ posts as i would have liked, including yours….the muses march to their own drummer,…i do rather like the phrase “questioning inquisitions of symbols” – i would like to think that is what i am doing in some fashion or form.

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      • “questioning inquisitions of symbols” I very much like this quote. I am trying to pull the energy from any source I can find. I need to write & create. Death would be my exit without it. Fighting through the physical pain as well as the exhaustion is a feat & a challenge. There is too many ideas I want to bring out of me onto the page & canvas. Finally, I have some ideas of what it may be about: life, connections, spirits, good, evil, what comes next & after here. So much more. With you, I, too, have felt uprooted. Most of my life has flipped upside down & only now feels like it is finding its order once again. I love you poems so much & missed being able to even find that much energy just to read them. But I am hoping for good hours in between to visit.

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        • Sometimes finding just a bit of (serene) order is the hardest thing to do….positive thoughts…and my the right symbols find you, and all of us…


  2. How can I take part? I used to do these with actual magnets, but they are long gone. Your chorus is a fine one, and I’d love to join.

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    • At the top of the blog is a link to the Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge Guidelines, which hopefully will answer all your questions as well as providing a link to the online magnetic poetry site

      Just ping back to the Saturday post or put a link into the comments of the post (some people have had a problem getting a ping back to work). If you do have any other questions just post them into one of the challenge posts…look forward to your participation. 🙂

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