• It really is hard not to. Can a muracle happen? Can I refresh the live results on my phone and be surprised by a pleasant outcome. On the upside, we’ll probably see an impeachment for something soon enough…

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        • the people will get what the people want….democracy is a messy thing…look at Brexit…at some point the “people” are going to have to stand up for themselves and say “i want to be educated…i want to know how things really are, how they really work…” Until then they will continue to suffer the wrath that comes from cults of personality.

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          • Democracy doesn’t exist where money and media pull the strings. Education is the only way out of this mess. It is truly a sad day but also heartening to know there is 50% sanity out there.I hope the protocols of office tame the nutter to some degree. He may well be satisfied with the ego trip of being a head of state and leave the work to others. Somehow even bush sr an george w seem ok now…

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              • Putin omg. Let’s just hope his focus is getting a reality show in the white house ‘unReal World’ and leaves economy, education, health, foreign affairs etc…all those pesky things to others. 1 term may sober up all those red cap wearing idiot.

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              • W was tame after all and we had 8 years of comedy to survive it (although not so funny for people who died during foreign invasions). Somehow I don’t think jokes about Trump will make it any easier to bear. The man is a joke already- how can a comedian ‘trump’ that?

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              • us mainstream media is at a crossroads…they can continue down the rabbit hole of irrelevancy or they can tap into their inner “Edward R Murrow” and speak truth to power. Trump early on indicated he is going to try and curtail the media’s ability to criticize or lampoon political figures. So standing up may mean facing libel suits etc.

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              • He himself criticized and lampooned political figures, as is his right. The establishment he is so keen to shake up cannot be shaken up in a shroud of silence. His acceptance speech was tame but lets see how long he’ll stick to the word prompts. I find that thing he does with his hands when he talks quite scary…never seen a more menacing set of little hands.

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    • i can only imagine…i can only say that i think it is the last gasp of a increasingly irrelevant (nationally) ideological group…it was only because Trump was able to attach those who just wanted change, thus an outside to shake DC up, that he was able to become victorious. Since he over promised how quickly he would make America great again, the other side will probably slip into despondency in short order…the big question now is Ryan and other Republican leadership going to put up some resistance to the more vicious circles of the alt Right and moral majority fanatics that will surround him.

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  1. Yes as I stated once before this evening
    When it comes right down to it
    He will still have to govern
    So whether it’s all the colors or not
    It still comes down to the white house

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    • as corrupt as those in DC are (and they have always been corrupt, it is not somehow a new phenomenon ), i still have faith that there are enough who still value the Constitution.


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