Post-Election Adjustments

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My Flash Fiction

Photo Prompt by Dmitri Popov

Informed of morale plummeting, with its corresponding decrease in productivity and increase in theft of office supplies, the Director of the Agency convened an ad hoc task force to address how best to combat this trend.

During that first meeting, after the lethargic participants spent an hour spinning their wheels, the new hire spoke up for the first time.

We could paint this know, cheerful puts-a-smile-on-your-face colors.


Three Line Tales – Week Forty-One



    • happiness can be of a surreal variety…sometimes i just view the political goings-on as just one long experimental performance art piece…and where i live we can go into a store just like any other store and buy some pot for recreational purposes…it ain’t no big deal…or at least it should be no big deal.

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    • nothing inherently wrong with being judgmental…it is the criteria upon which that judgment is made, the awareness of all our inherent fallibility, and the means by which we express and implement those judgments that are important….not to get too far into the weeds, but the nuances are important

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