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Meanwhile in the Conservatory

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My Flash Fiction

having wandered off from the festivities without so much as a by-your-leave, for hers was an elegant melancholy that found such revelry abrasive, she made her way to the sun room revealing night sky. she had returned to the solstice tree with its decorations as sparse as the hillside in the coming season, and, while the party raged on high spirits, celebrated with a solitary jubilation. Jane Dougherty’s Microfiction Challenge #25: The Red Tree


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My Poetry

he was like Cary Grant in a tuxedo that fit just right even while dashing toward some Monte Carlo casino toward the object of his desire within except this isn’t Monte Carlo and he wasn’t wearing a tux but other than that it was just like that


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My Poetry

there you are scampering about the open field with thunderstorm overhead with bottle in hand trying to catch lightning again that first one caught way way back when now tucked away in the closet next to a box of books this time the thunderstorm only threatens no bolts to gather just promises nothing pierces the air this time

A Word to the Struggling

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NaNoWriMo / On Writing / Quote / Video

Photo: Guy Le Querrec (1965) Well, I completed the 50,000 word goal for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), so I will be around again. It was an interesting and worthwhile excursion, regardless of whether I someday actually wrestle a finished work from those 50,000. One of the tidbits I encountered during the process was the following quote from the jazz pianist Bill Evans regarding the difficulties faced in his development as an artist and the rewards of […]

Apropos Nostalgia for Modern-Day Progressives (ring the bells that still can ring) (the dove is never free) (the signs were sent) (i heard that)

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when memes were posters you bought at the record store using a diverse array of thumb tacks to pin it to your wall Maybe I should stop there, but I can’t. we have lost one of the great poet musicians of any time: Leonard Cohen. As the beginning of the video shows, he knew at least he was loved. And he would say as we all should be loved. And “Anthem” so pertinent now and unfortunately […]

Post-Election Adjustments

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My Flash Fiction

Informed of morale plummeting, with its corresponding decrease in productivity and increase in theft of office supplies, the Director of the Agency convened an ad hoc task force to address how best to combat this trend. During that first meeting, after the lethargic participants spent an hour spinning their wheels, the new hire spoke up for the first time. We could paint this know, cheerful puts-a-smile-on-your-face colors.   Three Line Tales – Week Forty-One