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The Wednesday Magnetic Poetry Posse

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Magnetic Poetry

On this week’s Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge post, Duke Miller reminded me that the “so it goes” that ended my offering was made popular, so to speak, by Kurt Vonnegut. It is the repeated refrain in Slaughterhouse Five, which is the first book of his I discovered back when I was in the ninth grade. I immediately consumed everything else he wrote, preparing, I would my adolescent sensibility and paradigm for the likes of  Virginia Woolf, Albert Camus, Jack […]

The Laughter of Comprehension

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Flash Fiction

it was the kind of like the laugh you and your two companions laughed when the proprietor of the humble restaurant in Florence placed with a thump that massive glass jug of red wine onto the table and then proceeded to drop a ruler down into it so as to be able to gauge the amount of wine consumed and, thus, the amount owed at evening’s end. or it could have been the kind of laugh you […]

Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge (10.01.16)

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Magnetic Poetry / Uncategorized

While intensely working on this week’s poem, pushing about my little virtual magnets, my fingers stumbled across the key board and… doh! a fresh new set of words appeared on the screen with no way to get back the old words. This may explain in part the tone of this week’s entry on my part. I would like to take a moment to note that MPSC’s only true prompt is that one try to have […]

The Good Old Days

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My Poetry

it’s the old story of no food in the cupboard of only the strong survive of bending but not breaking of how the old dogged reporter gets the scoop shares secrets about the emperors of coin of having proof changes nothing   The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Challenge #56 | Scoop | Share | Proof | Bend | Secret | Image from The New York Public Library: Lewis Wickes Hines, “One of the many young newsboys […]

Magnetic Cafe Musings

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Magnetic Poetry

In one of those lazy web-browsing afternoons, I stumbled onto Fast Company’s site with the post “Stream These Coffee Shop Sounds to Boost Your Creativity,” which opens with: There’s a reason that so many telecommuters choose to work in coffee shops instead of their living rooms: working in moderately loud environments where noise levels reach approximately 70 decibels (like coffee shops) breeds creativity, according to research that we first wrote about last year. A new […]