Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge Guidelines

Magnetic Poetry online is an occasional relaxing fun activity, get the poetic juices flowing. There is somewhat-less-serious sensation, for me at least, pushing actual or virtual word-magnets around the surface.  I decided to turn it into a Saturday Challenge, in part because I am intrigued to see what others come up with. Here is how it goes, although I would add that because it requires working on another website, it may take a few endeavors before you feel comfortable with the whole process:

Creating the Magnetic Poem

Click on this link and you are taken you to the page where you can choose between the online kit options: original kit, nature poet, geek, mustache poet (not sure what that is), poet kit, and love kit.

Once you choose which you wish to use, you are provided with about 45 words. If the words don’t strike you as appealing, you can click the “start over” button as many times as you want until you get a collection of words that do seem appealing.

You also have the option of clicking the “more words” button in order to give yourself more words to go along with the original offering.

So it’s up to you how you want to approach the means by which words you have. The key is to have an enjoyable time.

Creating an Image of the Poem

For me, part of the appeal of magnetic poetry is the look of the actual little magnets, or in this case virtual magnets, and their haphazard lines. So for the “challenge round-up” post, I post a jpeg image of each one, such as:

Screenshot 2016-07-30 at 8.52.30 AM.

The the jpeg of a screen shot can be opened and cropped so that only the poem or the poem with the remaining, unused words to the left are in the image.

It is best to take the screen shot before you save the poem because this causes the program to provide an additional set of words creating more clutter. Moreover, the site has a bad tendency to flip the last sentence to the top of poem after it is saved. 

Saving Your Poem

If after you create the jpeg, you want to save your poem, you click the “Save and Share” button. A window box will appear. All you need to do is put in are your “name” (doesn’t have to be your real name) and your email address. A link will be sent to your email address.

When you save a poem, further editing will not appear on the link that is provided when you saved the poem. So save the poem after you have it just as you want it to appear.

[Note:  As soon you click “Save and Share” button, the game adds another set of words to the unused original set. When you visit the link the new set of words are also included on the web page.]

Posting the Poem

After you have posted the poem, you can create a pingback link to that week’s challenge post and/or you can also place a tag #MPSC. You can also add a comment on that week’s post providing a link to your blog post.


The quasi-official deadline is Wednesday at 9 A.M. EST because that will be the earliest I will begin to collect the magnet poems to gather the poems to be posted Monday.  Should you post after the deadline, I will add it to the next Saturday challenge post.


Feel free to ask questions in the comment section regarding any “issues” you may have trying to create a jpeg of the image or the post itself. As mentioned before, sometimes it takes a few times working with the magnetic poetry web site to get the hang of things.