The November Oracles of Magnetic Poetry Speak

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Magnetic Poetry

Note: Because of my participation in NaNoWriMo among other things, the next Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge (MPSC) will occur on December 3rd. Thank you and hope to see you then.

The Delphic Oracles said I was the wisest of all the Greeks.
It is because I alone of all the Greeks
know that I know nothing.
~ Socrates ~

Sue, “Lilith


Jane, “Moon Roses


Kat, “Coffee Oracle


Crow, “A Charmed Moment


Merril, “The Prisoner


Merril, “Full Moon Songs


Leara, “Waiting


Ken, “quiet harmony



on the riverbank

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My Poetry

truth is like

that full-grown rainbow trout
you somehow caught
when you were six

impressed grandpa
that it did

he’s laughed up a storm

stopping only because he wanted another drink
from his can of beer

you holding on to it for dear life

as it wiggles and squirms
and shimmers
for freedom

for air

small fry

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My Poetry

seems like ages now
been bent over this hot stove

order up!

the menu hasn’t changed
since who knows when
so i guess it’s a lot like me

order up!

they say there’s a strength in keeping to the old ways

all i know
is there ain’t no pause
when that lunch crowd comes around

The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Challenge
| Pause | Over | Strength | Age | Change |

Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge: The November Oracles Awaken (11.o5.16)

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Magnetic Poetry


Welcome to November.

Click HERE to go the online magnetic poetry site. Click HERE to read the guidelines about participating in the Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge. The November Oracles Wrap Up will be posted on Wednesday.

Because I am participating in NaNoWriMo and will be moving at the end of the month, not to mention the Thanksgiving holiday, after this week’s challenge I am going to have the MPSC go into a brief hibernation until Saturday, December 3rd.




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My Photography / My Poetry


sleeps in
the framework

creaking above you

while a minor tilt tilts some more
amid relentless shuddering of rusted spines

the geometry of denial can no longer contain the pandemonium

Fibonacci, 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21
The form, according to Robert Lee Brewer, was developed by Gregory K. Pincus in 2006 based on the mathematical Fibonacci sequence.
“There are variations where the Fibonacci expands even further with each line, but to understand how to accomplish this, you need to understand the Fibonacci math sequence of starting with 0 and 1 and then adding the last two numbers together to add to infinity.
and so on and so forth…”
Since 21 syllables or more are increasingly unwieldy, one can use other variations such as a Fibonacci poem that ascend and descend in syllables: 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 8 – 5 – 3 -2 – 1 – 1