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Meanwhile in the Conservatory

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My Flash Fiction

having wandered off from the festivities without so much as a by-your-leave, for hers was an elegant melancholy that found such revelry abrasive, she made her way to the sun room revealing night sky. she had returned to the solstice tree with its decorations as sparse as the hillside in the coming season, and, while the party raged on high spirits, celebrated with a solitary jubilation. Jane Dougherty’s Microfiction Challenge #25: The Red Tree

A Decision is Made in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

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Flash Fiction / NaNoWriMo

The night Mediterranean takes the town over. It taints the streets, seeps over old and new furniture, a watery pall blunting even the barks of the stray dog. He wonders how long it had been since either had spoke in the room. So he whispers, I’m going….Ravachol deserves better.  Wrapped in his arms, she refuses to stir. He adds, there are things more important than us. She leans in and kisses his throat. . First posted on July 10th, 2016, on my previous […]

Out on the Point

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Flash Fiction

Three Lines Tale Challenge #38‘s photo prompt by William Bout on occasion, having sparked up the lamp, he would scurry up the stone path to the hillside to get a view of the lighthouse as part of the horizon. to see how others saw his world. for a moment to not have to see as a mouse does day in and day out, every detail of the construction revealing in some manner the crux of the […]

The Laughter of Comprehension

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Flash Fiction

it was the kind of like the laugh you and your two companions laughed when the proprietor of the humble restaurant in Florence placed with a thump that massive glass jug of red wine onto the table and then proceeded to drop a ruler down into it so as to be able to gauge the amount of wine consumed and, thus, the amount owed at evening’s end. or it could have been the kind of laugh you […]


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My Flash Fiction / My Photography

I don’t know if we should be seen together…you know, talking like this. But here we are. So, what? Done is done? Something like that. Maybe we’ve just slipped out of their collective awareness. Some files within arms reach, then…buried under new information, regulated to the bottom of the stack. One can hope. One should hope that it wouldn’t take this long to order coffee.    

Straight as an Arrow

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My Flash Fiction / My Photography

. It’s not far going from here to there as the crow flies.  He moved a fingertip from one spot to another on a map seemingly hung on the wall behind the cash register a few decades ago with mismatched thumbtacks. Portions along the creases had begun to fray apart. Of course since you’re on foot that wouldn’t be the case. I envied the crow. Then I resented it, the black-feathered wings turning the world into a […]