Lurking at the All Hallows’ Eve Magnetic Poetry Slam

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Magnetic Poetry


Welcome to the first annual MPSC All Hallows’ Eve Poetry Slam. Below are this year’s contestants who stepped up to the mic (a.k.a. virtual refrigerator) and slammed down some magnetic verses:

Ken, “shine on


Sue, “Siren”


Kat, untitled


Pat, “Shadows


Kat, untitled


Crow, “wither, ancient spirit


Uttley, “Sorcerer and ” and untitled


Debbie, “Language


Sue, “Samhain


Merril, “Succubus


writing writing words words words, untitled


If you want to learn how to participate in next Saturday’s challenge click Here.

And since it is Halloween: From a lost episode of Supernatural when Sam and Dean Winchester found themselves investigating a haunted poetry slam in an abandoned building. The ghosts of beatniks all around.



  1. In the true spirit of haunting, as the midnight hour approaches, my tiles shift, creating a new poem with no more promise of relief than the first:

    you may be asleep

    winds of bitter black mist
    on a repulsive sun

    no moonshine that is raw
    will save you in shadows

    a thousand tongues scream
    yes and no

    but is this a deathblow dream?

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  2. I loved this Halloween themed version. The Oracle really got into it, too. 🙂

    Thanks for Spike. 🙂 I will have to look up the Supernatural episode. It sounds fun.
    I watched the first season or two of the show, but then stopped. Daughters and I thought it was funny that “Sam” was Dean on the Gilmore Girls.

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    • just thought i would throw out there, too, that i would stumble on Supernatural during the day time t.v. – trying to figure out what was going on, i read: “The brothers were named after the characters Sal and Dean, from the classic beat novel On The Road, by Jack Kerouac. Kripke didn’t like the idea of having a lead named Sal, so he switched to Sam.” So I probably project some of my beatnik romanticizing onto the show. That Sam was Dean on the Gilmore Girls (a great show by the way) is nice added twist.

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      • Interesting. I guess part of the whole idea of Supernatural is that they’re on the road–at least the episodes I saw. But I could definitely see them with beatnik ghosts. 😉
        We like to discuss how the characters of one show are in another life in another show. There are a lot of fun combinations from The Gilmore Girls. One daughter remarked that she could definitely see “Paris” going on law school and ending up with the people on How to Get Away with Murder.

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        • i’m not a television historian, but it seemed to me the X-Files was one of the first shows to really use the wink to the audience, willing to break the fourth wall…such as making overt remarks about David Duchovny modelling career previous to his job as Mulder…[number of times Dean and Sam are compared Mulder and Scully]…blending shows and characters is now acceptable and even desired by today’s audience, as in can you spot the in-jokes and obscure references, prompting after-shows and youtube videos pointing such things out.

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