Month: August 2016

A Dispatch from the Trenches

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My Life / My Photography / Quote

For over a month now I have been in a nomadic, if not turbulent, state of being (and becoming). I have landed in what it appears to be a more settled space and so now I can return my attention back to my writings and photography along with catching up on everybody else’s blogs. At the same time I am dealing with the tasks associated with shifting my online presence. I hope to be back fully […]

Straight as an Arrow

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My Flash Fiction / My Photography

. It’s not far going from here to there as the crow flies.  He moved a fingertip from one spot to another on a map seemingly hung on the wall behind the cash register a few decades ago with mismatched thumbtacks. Portions along the creases had begun to fray apart. Of course since you’re on foot that wouldn’t be the case. I envied the crow. Then I resented it, the black-feathered wings turning the world into a […]