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testing testing

rich and poor
young and old
the pious and the wicked
living on a new stage

testing one…

waiting to see


who drew the short straw


The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Challenge #65
| stage | short | young | test | live |


  1. We are being tested, aren’t we? Yet I believe we have what it takes to pass this test beyond even our expectations; nothing brings out the best in people faster than the worst of conditions, and those are growing daily…

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    • i agree…i recently watch a documentary series on the 60s…from Selma to Democratic Convention in ’68, assassinations of MLK and Bobby to the body bags Vietnam War to the inner-city riots to the Cuban missile crisis…we somehow manged to find our way toward some semblance of sanity.

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      • I trust we can do it again. Lots of good people out there, doing good deeds, but not drawing nearly as much attention as their opposites. I’m trying, personally, to focus on them (the kind and decent acts), and so bring them to the forefront of my awareness. Evil may exist, but I do not wish to grant it more than the passing glance it deserves to try and avoid it… Just my thoughts… πŸ™‚

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