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he was like Cary Grant in a tuxedo that fit just right even while dashing toward some Monte Carlo casino toward the object of his desire within except this isn’t Monte Carlo and he wasn’t wearing a tux but other than that it was just like that


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My Poetry

there you are scampering about the open field with thunderstorm overhead with bottle in hand trying to catch lightning again that first one caught way way back when now tucked away in the closet next to a box of books this time the thunderstorm only threatens no bolts to gather just promises nothing pierces the air this time

Apropos Nostalgia for Modern-Day Progressives (ring the bells that still can ring) (the dove is never free) (the signs were sent) (i heard that)

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when memes were posters you bought at the record store using a diverse array of thumb tacks to pin it to your wall Maybe I should stop there, but I can’t. we have lost one of the great poet musicians of any time: Leonard Cohen. As the beginning of the video shows, he knew at least he was loved. And he would say as we all should be loved. And “Anthem” so pertinent now and unfortunately […]

on the riverbank

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My Poetry

truth is like that full-grown rainbow trout you somehow caught when you were six impressed grandpa that it did he’s laughed up a storm stopping only because he wanted another drink from his can of beer you holding on to it for dear life as it wiggles and squirms and shimmers for freedom gasping for air

small fry

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seems like ages now been bent over this hot stove order up! the menu hasn’t changed since who knows when so i guess it’s a lot like me order up! they say there’s a strength in keeping to the old ways all i know is there ain’t no pause when that lunch crowd comes around The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Challenge | Pause | Over | Strength | Age | Change |


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a flaw sleeps in the framework creaking above you while a minor tilt tilts some more amid relentless shuddering of rusted spines the geometry of denial can no longer contain the pandemonium Fibonacci, 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21 The form, according to Robert Lee Brewer, was developed by Gregory K. Pincus in 2006 based on the mathematical Fibonacci sequence. “There are variations where the Fibonacci expands even further with each line, but to understand how to accomplish this, you need to understand the Fibonacci […]

the inebriate

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My Poetry

just before Old Sammy’s Bridge a judge pulled over on the side of the road swims in the light of state-trooper red and blues down by the lake a few clicks away a night bird calling for all the broken spirits to gather round a question answers a question what’s the story sir do you know who i am The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Challenge #61 | Broke | Judge | Story | Bridge | Lake | […]